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Small Levels, Nenthead, Cumbria.

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Just like the Nent Valley is dotted with shafts, there are also numerious small levels all over the valley. Most of these are trials and do not go anywhere, but it is worth while to find them, as they are quite interesting.

Roaring Spring Water Level

A level we found looking for Frog Shaft.

(Karli and Mike), 18th June 2005.

Shawside Level

A collapsed level above the Caplecleugh High adit.

Last Updated 24th January 2005.

Old Level, Rampgill Burn

Small level that Karli knew about, that non of us had been in.

(Aubrey, Colin, John, Karl, Karli, Pete and Mike), 20th May 2007.

Clargill Vein Trial Level

An unknown level we were asked to explore, having been discovered by the land owners.

(Jake, Margaret, Mark and Mike), 16th June 2016.