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Mine Plans

A number of new plans have been created for the mines associated with Nenthead. These are full colour large format prints available for purchase. The plans that are currently available are detailed below. All plans are sold as an interpretation and no responsibility for inaccuracies is taken.

The plans are sold at cost with a small handling fee to cover research and delivery. If you would like to purchase copies please email me on the address shown in contact for Mike Hrybyk. Price of the plans are shown below.

There are 2 delivery options, flat rate 1 - 7 plans: Cardboard tube, 1st class Royal Mail: £5.75. If you don't mind the plans being folded twice to A4 size, 1st class Royal Mail via letter is £3.00.

Creating the plans is a long process, I hope to have plans available in the future for Gudhamgill, Nentsberry Haggs, and Barneycraig with the ultimate aim of making one single one showing the whole of the Nenthead mining complex. Click on the thumbnails for a sample image of the plans.

Caplecleugh Mine - West Side. First published 2005.

Showing levels super-imposed on each other. Areas shown: Complete horse level from portal to Whiteskye Mine to junction with Caplecleugh North Vein and connection with Smallcleugh Mine, Caplecleugh High Level, Cross Section of the whole west side. Size A2 sheet.

Price: £ 5.00.

Brownley Hill Mine Plan. First published 2005.

Showing complete Brownley Hill Mine with following levels: Low, High, Nentsberry Haggs, Trials, and intermediate.

Price: £ 5.00.

Scaleburn Mine Plan, also know as Scaleburn Vein of Rampgill Mine. First published 2005.
Showing levels super-imposed on each other. Areas shown: Complete Mine, including part of Brownley Hill Level, Scaleburn Horse Level, Top Sill's Level, Firestone Level, Cross Section of complete mine. Size A2 sheet.

Price: £ 5.00.

Smallcleugh Mine and Caplecleugh Mine - East Side Plan. First published 2005.

Showing levels super-imposed on each other. Areas shown: Complete plan of the Smallcleugh Mine complex with sublevels and flats not seen on other plans, Caplecleugh Mine - East Side, Caplecleugh High Level - portal to Bog Shaft, Middlecleugh Level, part of Rampgill Levels, Cross Sections of the Middlecleugh 2nd Sun Vein, Barron's Sump / Armstrong's Rise, and Surface Shaft on Middlecleugh 2nd Sun Vein to Longcleugh Vein, Smallcleugh Level. Size A2 sheet.

Price: £ 5.00.

Rampgill Mine Plan. First published 09/07/13.

Showing levels super-imposed on each other. Areas shown: Rampgill Horse Level - Rampgill Vein, Sun Veins, part of Barneycraig Vein, Firestone Level, Pattinson Sill Level, Old Level, Hangingshaw Branch Level to the Wet Whimsey, 5 Yard Limestone Level, Scar Limestone Level, parts of Barneycraig Horse, Four Fathom Limestone, Nent Force, and Galloway Levels, Cross Sections of Rampgill and Barneycraig Veins. Size A2 sheet.

Price: £ 5.00.

Nentsberry Haggs Mine Plan. First published 23/06/15.

A two part plan showing the Nenthead Valley side on one and the Wellhope Moor side on the other. Plans show levels super-imposed on each other. Areas shown: Nentsberry Haggs Horse Level, Levels in the Great Limestone, High Raise Low Level, Croft / Magazine Level, Nentsberry Greens Middle Level, Firesone Levels, Four Fathom Limestone Levels, Wellgill Low and High Level, Wellgill Cross Vein, High Raise Vein, High Raise First Sun Vein, High Raise Second Sun Vein with Admiralty Flat, Treloar Vein, Sincay Vein, Cox Vein, Dupoint Vein, Liverick Vein, Robinson Vein, Cross Sections of Nentsberry Haggs Vein, High Raise Vein and High Raise First Sun Vein. Part of Brownley Hill mine is also shown to illustrate locations between the two. Size 2 x A2 sheets.

Price: £ 8.00.