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The Mine Explorer Society evolved through a chance meeting of a small group of people in Nenthead with a common interest in Mine Exploration. Since the establishment of a regularly updated website and an affiliation to NAMHO, there has been considerable interest in its activities from exploreres in the UK and overseas.

The Society exists to research and publish information for the use and enjoyment of like minded people, and as such does not operate any organised underground trips other than those for the purposes of research. To this end we hope that we have succeeded in providing you with something of interest. The Society at this stage of its development has no actual membership outside of the small group of people who run the Society.

We are always pleased to hear from people and will answer any emails received. If you have any information that you would like to share; or have any queries please get in touch.

If you wish to get in touch with us, use the email address below (non clickable to stop spam).


Entering sites listed here can be a very dangerous activity that can lead to serious injury and death. In browsing this website and making use of any of the information contained within, you (if on your own) or your party signify full acceptance that:

1. You are entirely responsible for your own actions at all times.

2. You will not hold liable the owners of this website, any other individual who has supplied material or the owners of the site for any accident, legal action, loss or damage to property or other incident, no matter how caused.

3. If you decide to enter any sites, you accept injury or death or legal proceedings as your own risk and not that of any other individual, including the owners of this website and any individual who has contributed information.

4. Any information on this website is not necessarily accurate or complete.

5. Trip reports, photos or similar on this website relating to any sites does not indicate or imply that the site is legal for the public to access, nor that is it safe to explore, even if it explicitly states in the material that either case is.

6. You will research the legalities of access to a site before attempting to enter the site.

7. If you pass on any information from this website to another individual, you must also include a copy of this disclaimer and that person must also be in full acceptance of the terms.