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Mine Exploration Related Web Links (and maybe some that are not).

If any of the links are broken let me know. Last update 29/01/14.

UK Clubs and Organisations

Underground Technical Information

UK Individuals Web Sites

UK Equipment Suppliers / Books

International Links for Caves and Mines

Other Web Sites

UK Clubs and Organisations:

Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit (COMRU). If you get yourself in trouble underground in Cumbria, the odds are that it will be these that get you out! -

National Organisation of Mining History organisations (NAMHO). Lists clubs that are involved in mine exploration and also gives guidelines -

Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining History Society (CATMHS). Mining club based in Alston, Cumbria -

Northern Mines Research Society. Mining club based in Keithley, Yorkshire -

Peak District Mines Historical Society. Mining club based in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire -

Nenthead Mines Conservation Society. The society works to conserve the historic remains of the mines at Nenthead -

I. A. Recordings. Voluntary group that have been filming industrial activity for posterity since 1982 and have made many videos and DVDs of working and disused mines, both above and below ground, in Britain and abroad; including a number featuring Nenthead mines -

Mining Institute. An amazing source of mining information, original maps of the LLC, and rare books on mining -

Mineral Database. Gives excellent information on minerals and the location of mines -

Derbyshire Caving Club. Details of the clubs activities which also include mine exploration -

Wealden Cave & Mine Society. Caving and mine exploration club in Surrey with an strong interest in mines and underground quarry workings -

Worksworth Mines Research Group. Established mine exploration group based in Derbyshire who has their own mine at the club hut! -

Underground Technical Information:

SuspensionTrauma. A site detailing what can happen if you hang around in your SRT harness for too long, and what to do about it, food for thought -

Vertical Online. An excellent series of documents hosted by www.cavediggers.com on vertical techniques (equipment, rigging, knots, self rescue and much more) -

UK Individuals Web Sites (like this one):

Mine Explorer. Roy Fellows mining website, detailing his exploits up and down the country, including Nenthead of course -

IC Photography. Ian Cooper's site on mines, steam and general photography -

Dark Places. Darkplaces is an independent meeting point for all underground related explorers to chat, meet, share information, show off pictures and videos about exploring Underground places of Interest -

Tideswell Dale Rock Shop. Don Edward's (who first introduced me to the mines of Nenthead) web site and shop. Minerals, jewellery and collectors equipment available -

Adit Now. Mine exploration web site and forum including a searchable database of UK mines and facility for members to upload photographs -

Go Below - Underground Adventures. Never been underground in a mine? Well get yourself down to Wales and see what's it all about -

UK Equipment Suppliers:

Bernies Cafe and Caving Shop. Caving equipment in the Yorkshire Dales -

Inglesport. Caving equipment in the Yorkshire Dales -

Caving Supplies. Caving equipment in Derbyshire -

Hitch 'n' Hike. Caving, climbing and outdoors equipment in the Peak District -

Mike Moore Books. All the books you could probably ever want on mining and industrial history -

Mega Grip. Great value French caving harnesses, oversuits and helmets -

Caving Gear. Miles Mouldings shop, caving and mining gear, as the name says -

North Pennines Training & Adventure. Outdoor adventure company run by one of our group, if your new to mine exploring and want a taster without having to get the gear contact Alistar -

International Links for Caves and Mines:

Abandoned Mines. Mine explorers from America -

Podzemi ( means 'Underground' in Czech ). Site related to caving lighting, safety, links, public accessible underground (not in English) -

Caves.Com. An American site and forum with links to suppliers and all things related to caving, very interesting especially the different manufacturers of hardware not seen in the UK -

Application-Research-Training in Geosciences. German site about economic geology and applied sedimentology, with interests in old mines and mining residues -

California Association of Mine and Cave Exploring. American mine exploration site, with gallary and comprehensive information on mines in the California and Navada areas -

Mines of Sardinia. An Italian website about the mining history and mines of Sardinia, available in English and Italian -
http://www.minieredisardegna.it - Italian version.
http://www.minesofsardinia.com - English version.

Sudecka Grupa Eksploracyjna. A Polish exploration forum, unfortunalty only in Polish, but lots of mine content with pictures -

Other Web Sites:

Special Effect Equipment, Lasers, Laser Display Equipment, and Electronics Design (my company) -

Mark Fearn and Son. Blacksmiths based in Nenthead, who are also fellow mine explorers -

Google Search Engine - UK -

Say No to 0870 Numbers ! Sick and tired of paying premium rate on 0845 and 0870 when you can pretty much get free calls these days, then use this database of geographical numbers for the premium numbers.

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