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Roaring Spring Water Level (18/06/05), Nenthead, Cumbria.

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On our way to find Frog Shaft, we came across an adit on the moor which we had never seen before, it was gated and very close to the surface. Almost dropping our gear, we nearly ventured in, but thought better of it and carried on to Frog Shaft with the thought of having a look after.

After finishing our first examination of Frog Shaft and resting, we walked over to the adit and had a look in. The first thing to note was that water was coming out of it and the entrance was very cold. The stone arching was in near perfect condition and looked inviting. We entered and after some 50m, came to a small junction, with a thin passage branching to the left, this was ignored as it looked rather unstable and grotty. A few meters after the junction the stone arching gave way to natural material, which was not in the best of health. We got the impression that the level did not receive many visitors as the floor was crusty with deposits and it was like walking on frosty snow. Further in the poor remains of a door where seen, along with some very thin old rotten stemples holding the roof up. We only ventured a bit further until a partial collapse was reached. The passage did go on, but its height was under 1m and it looked very unstable.

I have found out that the level is called Roaring Spring Water Level and that it was a trial level looking for the continuation of veins. It does not go far, and was named after the water that came from it.