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Old Level by Rampgill Burn (20/05/07), Nenthead, Cumbria.

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Karli mentioned that there was a small level south east to the Rampgill Firestone adit. With his insistence we descended down on it to find out what there was to see. The level in question is only known as the Old Level on LLC plans, and its identification is the fact it is right by Rampgill Burn. The level only went for some 400m or so. It intersected the Hangingshaw Vein and was probably worked in the Firestone Sill, there are three shafts that intersect it, however these are all blocked.

Entry into the level is gained by removing some rocks covering timbers and you actually enter through the top of the passage as the entrance is fully blocked. There is a small drainage adit further down with a steady stream of iron stained water. Pete and Karli took turns to clear out some of the ochreous mud to try and lower the water level. After some prompting (more like verbal bullying) Karli went up the level as far as he could, shortly after some 5m on, it was blocked.