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Greenlaws Firestone Level Dig, Daddry Shield, Weardale, Durham.

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The big dig to reopen access to the main Greenlaws workings via a shaft in the Firestone Level.

Start of the Dig - The start, clearing and opening the of Firestone Level.

12th September - 3rd October 2009.

Past the Patterson Sill - Finallly the long awaited Patterson Sill is reached and passed.

23rd July 2011.

The Firestone Level is Open - My first visit to start documenting the progress of the dig.

4th October 2009.

Environmental Monitoring Day - Visit from Newcastle University for sampling of the waters around Greenlaws and the dig.

10th August 2011.

Start of the Shaft Digging - Timbering the shaft as it gets deeper.

17th October 2009.

Little Limestone and Durham County Council Archaeologist Visit - Little Limestone and First Signs of Proper Mineralisation.

16th October 2011.

What's the Course of Action? - Trouble in the shaft, unwelcome angles, welcome cavities?

8th November 2009.

Snow - The first big snow fall of the year.

18th December 2011.

Cleaning Rails and Shaft Chamber Progress - Lots of progress, but hard work, hauling kibbles and dumping spoil.

29th November 2009.

The Hanging Wall Little Limestone is Seen - Finally, after a long time digging through very bad ground the Hanging Wall reveals its secrets.

12th February 2012.

Snow - Lots of snow on the fellside.

10th January 2010.

In the Little Limestone- Not Much Fun - Difficult ground, difficult ground, difficult ground, rumble.

11th March 2012.

Chamber Excavation - Clearing out more muck and rocks from the chamber.

31st January 2010.

Steel Reinforcements, taking no chances - The collapsed ground is regained and some larger holes are appearing in the shaft floor, could this be the start of something at last?

27th May 2012.

Driving the Shaft Forwards or is it Downwards? - After a stall, the chamber is stabilised and progress starts again.

28th March 2010.

The hole is now vertical and rather wide - Two months on and there is a big cavity at the current bottom, but still no sign of the fabled Little Limestone Level?

29th July 2012.

House keeping and Shaft Progress - Tidying up outside after winter, house keeping at the shaft collar and progress in the angled section of the shaft.

18th April 2010.

The hole is now vertical and rather wide - Going straight down!

9th November 2012.

Shaft Digging and a Winch? - Slow progress in the shaft, but at least there is the first stiring of an electric winch being made for haulage.

5th June 2010.

Current State of Play - After a slow 7 months, hopefully things will start getting back on track, but that does not mean that nothing has been going on.

27th February 2011.

The Hole Goes On - New people on the job and hopefully more progress!

27th March 2011.


Super Winch, Making the Shaft Deeper and Deeper - The new winch, installed now for almost a month is worth its weight in gold!

30th April 2011.