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Greenlaws Firestone Level Dig - Clearing the Shaft Chamber and Lots of Barrowing, (31/01/10).

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It has all been a bit quiet over the weeks of Christmas and the New Year. Just before the holidays more of the chamber was excavated, exposing the start of the angled section of shaft. As more muck was removed it became apparent that the shaft was a bit unique in that it has a twin ore chute arrangement with a possible manway between the two chutes, this was very interesting. The level from the shaft to the portal was also cleared, giving a clean run to the surface for barrowing, once the blind passage has been filled up. More ladder sections were added to the shaft, making it much easier and safer to get in to and out of.

The start to the Sunday morning was slighly delayed as Student Pete got his Landy stuck on the fellside - some of it was not as frozen solid as other parts. Karli ended up towing him out. Tit for tat, on the spoil heap Karli got his Landy stuck in the snow, after some digging, he reluctantly accepted Student Pete's tow out. I'm sure it would have been simpler to walk to the entrance?

This weekend saw more mucking out of the shaft chamber. Rock, sloppy mud, water and old timbers were constantly hauled up to be emptied into waiting wheel barrows, which were then taken to be dumped in the blind passage. Is it ever going to end?