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Greenlaws Firestone Level Dig - House Keeping and Shaft Progress in the Angled Section, (18/04/10).

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The winter had taken its toll on the culvert leading up to the level entrance; part of the sides had slumped down causing obstructions. A week or so of dry weather allowed things to dry out and a digger dumper combo were brought up to clear out the culvert. In the siding level leading up to the shaft Ian and Student Pete have been concreting the shaft collar and the walls, making everything more stable and neat.

Some work was carried out on the wooden rails, namely lifting the sleepers and digging channels under them to allow the free flow of water out of the mine. A new ladder was installed in first section of the shaft along with a simple platform on either side to make access easier and safer.

Down in the shaft the digging, spiling and installation of support timbers was progressing well. The water, with a little assistance was free draining and the presence of large rocks hopefully indicated that the current position in the shaft could well have been the main collapse.