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Singing River - Eastern Series (25/09/04).

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Our final trip down this mine to complete the whole tour. The Eastern Series is much more impressive than the Western. The first feature we came to was the Shaking Gulf which has a 22.5m rectangular shaft to the surface and a intermittent lake at the bottom - no lake on this trip, but still impressive. We also found the bore hole that was drilled by the water authorities on a ledge about a third of the way up.

From the Shaking Gulf we moved on into the Great Hall which had a deep blue green sump and pool, going further into the hall we passed the East Shaft (20m above) and finally the end of the hall. Retracing our steps back via the Gulf By Pass, we had a look in the East Gallery No1, The Pit and Pool Chamber which all were grovelling passages!

The trip was finished by going down the Chocolate Canal, a not very high water filled passage which had a deep blue pool.