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Singing River Mine, Shipham, Somerset.

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The mine was worked in the 18th and 19th centuries for calamine (zinc carbonate), blende (zinc sulphide) and galena (lead sulphide). In the 1920's it was used as an underground reservoir by the water authorities. A small stream flows through the mine in parts. The entrance is actually in someones back garden.

The mine is completely different when compared to the Nenthead mines and much more cramped (we will never complain again). There are 2 parts to the mine, the more complex eastern area and the easier western. The mine passages are full of small rises and sumps which also follow natural chambers.

Access to this mine is only via a locked grill cover. Key can be obtained from local clubs.

Western Series

Our first trip down the mine, checking it out.

(Charlie and Mike), 26th June 2004.

Eastern Series

Final trip to see the rest ofthe mine.

(Charlie and Mike), 25th September, 2004.