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Gudhamgill Mine, Nenthead, Cumbria.

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Gudhamgill Mine follows the Gudhamgill Moss Vein and this is where it was worked. There are three levels which access the mine workings, the Horse Level via the Brownley Hill Low Level (Bloomsberry) portal, the Gudhamgill Level (also known as the Gudhamgill Burn Top Level or Gudhamgill Shop Level) and the Firestone Level. The mine has connections to Scraithole Mine and the Dod Level, but these are not accessable now.

The earliest records indicate that the vein was worked by a series of shafts along the valley. In the early 18th century the London Lead Company started to drive the Gudhamgill Level. At the beginning of the 19th century the LLC drove the Gudhamgill Horse Level as a crosscut from the Brownley Hill Low Level, this was carried out in an attempt to reach the Great Limestone. The Gudhamgill Horse Level connected with the Gudhamgill Level via a borehole, known as the Borehole Sump on plans. The LLC continued to develop the mine sinking a sump into the Three Yard Limestone where only small quantities of ore where found. Eventually the lease was sold to other companies and in the end ended up belonging to the Vielle Montagne Zinc Company, which worked the mine until the 1930's.

Gudhamgill Horse Level and Stopes

Our first trip to the horse level, looking at the stopes above.

(Jim, Karli, Mark and Mike), 25th March 2006.

Gudhamgill Surface Explore

Having got excited about the last trip, we followed the surface remains along the Gudhamgill Moss Vein.

(Aubrey, Karli, and Mike), 26th March 2006.

Gudhamgill Level Explore

A first exploration of this level, windy, cold and ochrish.

(Mike and Pete), 29th September 2006.

Gudhamgill Horse Level, Stope Survey

A return visit after a long time to the stopes for a survey to see how far they actually go.

(Mike, Pete and Dog Pete), 14th March 2009.

Gudhamgill Vein Surface Shafts

A day of surface shaft dropping along the Gudhamgill Vein.

(Karli, Mike, Pete and Dog Pete), 15th March 2009.

Gudhamgill Level Shaft Bottom Clearance

An attempt to improve the ventilation in the level.

(Karli, Mike and Pete), 25th February 2011.

Gudhamgill Horse Level Stope Rises

An attempt to climb up into the rises that are in the stopes above the horse level.

(Karli, Mike, Pete, Student Pete, Sal and Simon), 5th May 2013.

Gudhamgill Level Stope

After looking at previous photographs, it was time to come back.

(Karli and Mike), 5th February 2022.

Gudhamgill High Level Beyond the Orche

After hearing that the water had been lowered we though we would have a look.

(Karli, Mike and Pete), 8th May 2022.