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Carr's Mine - The Flats Part 1, (27/03/10)

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Not having been in Carr's Level for around 5 years, and coupled with the fact that a new flat had been discovered recently by a few explorers from CATMHS, our interest was fired up. We gained entry to the level via Smallcleugh and one of the sumps on the Cross Vein.

Once in the mine, not sure where the new flat could be we headed to the main ones, looking at the rises and hoppers along the way. When the main flats were reached we proceeded to explore the middle and high horizons. Each was impressive, and the middle ones had particularly striking calcite formations, which easily rivaled ones found in caves. The biggest flats were on the high horizon, and these extended for a long way and in places were approximately 3-4m high. The whole area is relatively undisturbed, and this can be seen from the way it is all preserved. Fantastic straight pack walls, and many artifacts abound, including some excellent examples of ore trucks. After exploring the high flats we dropped back down to the middle ones and had lunch. During lunch, impromptu entertainment was provided by Pete as he figured out how to open his tin of 'The Full Monty' - a dubious all in one breakfast in a can, without a tin opener. Once he had accomplished this (partially covered in beans), he set light to his stove and discovered it had a leak, flames jumped up all around, but he managed to pick it up and turn the valve off - the smell of burnt hair filled the air.

Afterwards we dropped back down to the main level and had a look around the low flats, which could be accessed via a short branch passage. When finished and back in the level, we saw the bottom of the main shaft intersecting all the flats. It was possible to crawl through the wooden debris and reach the other other side however, after a short distance this level ended in a fall. From here we went to the show mine gates and had a look around some of the smaller crosscuts in the area, all leading to blinds. Retracing our path we had a look in a short branch, which at the end had a rise. After a bit of deliberation, we climbed up it and this for us was new ground and yet again, it was obvious that it did not get much traffic, Pete spotted some newspapers dated from the mid 1970's. From what we saw, I think that we must have climbed up into an isolated part of the middle and high flats. Between the two flats we came across an ore truck, water pipes, wooden platforms and a selection of tools. In the middle flats there was a ochreous rise with a ladder coming down it, no sign of foot prints - so I had a look up it. It entered into a shattered stope with no way on, the only thing this achieved was to get me tangoed again. Time was really getting on and we had to make a move to get out, having spent some 8 hours underground so far.

On the way out we looked at a number of rises and found a few towards the back end of Carr's Level that looked promising, but these would have to wait for another time. Back out, and for once there still was a little bit of light left! A quick wash up in the Nent by the bridge and back to base, for a rather nice cook and drink up.