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Carr's Mine, Nenthead, Cumbria.

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Carr's Mine is divided into 2 sections, Carr's Mine also known as Carr's East of Nent and Carr's West of Nent. Carr's Mine (East) was principally operated by the London Lead Company from at least 1848 to 1881, though it was worked earlier as records show that Carr's Mine is shown on the Alston Moor Plan in 1773. The mine follows the route of the Rampgill Hangingshaw Branch Level and worked the Smallcleugh Cross Vein, beneath the Smallcleugh Mine.

Carr's West of Nent is not accessible as the levels are collapsed, it is possible that the workings may once have linked to Capelcleugh High Level.

The mine is below Smallcleugh and above Rampgill with part of it operated as a show mine. There is no access via the showmine for exploration anymore, but from time to time the Heritage Centre organises trips beyond the show mine. It is still possible to gain access from Smallcleugh Mine into the areas past the show mine, but the routes are difficult to negotiate.

Show Mine

Trip to document the show mine.

(Ambrose, Charlie, Christine, Karli and Mike), 22nd August 2004.

The Flats Part 2

More new flats discovered and some supprising connections.

Beyond the Show Mine

A trip led by Peter Wilkinson to workings not accessible to the public.

(Heritage Centre Staff and Members), 24th May 2005.

Show Mine, Daughter Introductions to Mine Exploring

It's about time to get our young fillies underground.

(Alison, Hannah, Karli, Jet the Dog, Lucy, Mike, Pete, Sarah and Sal), 7th July 2013.

The Flats Part 1

A return to Carr's Mine to explore the flats that are part of the beyond the show mine tour, including some that are not.

(Karli, Ian, Mike and Pete), 27th March 2010.