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Cambokeels Horse Level, (27/04/08).

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This is the only accessible underground area on the Cambokeels mine site. Entering the Horse level adit we immediately hit very fine stone arching, which was in perfect condition - the Beaumount's certainly knew their craft. Shortly we passed a ventilation door and then further in another one which took us into the ventilation room where we found a sheet metal fabricated duct system and a large fan. Passing through a third door we entered the Horse Level again. Here an air vent could be seen going up to the surface and day light could be seen.

A few metres more and we reached a short section or arching and past this a junction with a left and right branch. We took the right hand branch first, and this ended in a fall 10m or so in. To our surprise there was secondary blue stained mineralisation on the walls. Returning to the junction we took the other branch which passed under some timbered roof supports. The supports have seen better days and surely enough a few metres in they had fallen. It was possible to scramble up the fall into a large cavity. This looked like it intersected a working and the fall must have been around a rise or hopper. A shaft could be seen going up, along with some blind little levels. Leaning against the walls we spotted some drill steels. In the direction of what would have been the horse level it was possible to see the roof timbers of the level below. Moving one of them revealed the flooded horse level below. We carefully exited this rather unstable area and retraced our route out.