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White Syke / Whitesike Mine also known as Browngill Mine, Garrigill, Cumbria.

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The London Lead Company started to drive the Whitesike Level around 1770 along the Thortergill Cross Vein below the Great Limestone. The level eventually reached the Browngill Vein and then was driven east following the Browngill Vein right up to the Longholehead Whimsey which was reached around 1820. The Longholehead Whimsey connected Whitesike Level with Caplecleugh Horse Level. The Browngill Vein did not yield a great amount of ore. From the extent of surface shaft workings prior to the London Lead Company, it is possible that much of the ore had been already worked out.

Further developments of the level occurred when the Vieille Montagne Lead and Zinc Company took over the leases in the early 1900's. Two new major connections between Whitesike and Caplecleugh Levels were serviced by the Whimsey upon the Flatt Shaft (attained in early 1916) and via Caplecleugh Shaft / Foremost Rise. A further four rises were driven between the two levels from 1919 to the early 1920's.

Whitesike Surface Features

Surface features around the Whiteske Mine site.

Updated 29/07/14

Photographic Trip

A return trip for Karli after 11 years and a first for me.

(Karli and Mike), 26th July 2014.