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Tynebottom Mine, Shafts and Pink Stals (29/10/16)

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It's been a long while since any of us have got underground and this afternoon we ended up going down Tynebottom. In the morning we had been to visit and have a trip into Ayle Colliery (but that's another story), so with time short for a lengthy trip, visiting here worked out nicely considering we wanted to look at the state of a shaft that we could not find last time.

Having paid the trespass fee, we kitted up and headed in via the river entrance - Tynebottom A / Sun Vein Level. All the way to the mine everyone had been grumbling about having something to eat so the first thing we all did was have lunch as soon as we reached the flats at the junction with North Vein.

After this we ended up looking at the state of a shaft bottom to see how it could be cleared - but that is all that can be said for now. Once evaluated, we made our way through the flats looking at formations and then back into the level that passes under them. Near to where the level ends we climbed back into the flats and came across an aluminium ladder, followed closely by someone collecting specimens. We had a chat, and were pointed back the way we came to look at some pink stalactites - the result of cobalt staining. We had seen pink cobalt staining before but had missed the stalactites. These were small and very pretty up on the roof of the level. Returning back to the flats we carried on, meeting another collector and then stopping at a calcified rise we met Helen Wilkinson perched up on some deads. Had a quick chat and carried on through the flats until we came out onto the Tynebottom B / Wisen's Level junction. Here we went to have a look at the start of the deep water and the rather splendid calcite flow from a rise. On the way out we passed a little mine pearl nursery, and that was it.