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Smallcleugh to Rampgill via Hangingshaw Level (13/11/04)

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This was mine and Charlies first through trip from one mine to another. We abseiled down Proud's Sump, then into Proud's Workings and from there we dropped down an ore shoot into Rampgill Mine into the Hangingshaw Level. In Proud's workings we took some updated pictures of the dressing floor and artifacts. See Proud's Sump for more details.

Following the Hangingshaw Level downstream we proceeded through water, mostly waist height. Along the way there where many rises and workings. Eventually Whiskey Bottle Junction was reached and we exited Rampgill via the main horse level. This was a good trip, but cold, especially since on exit is was around 18:30 and very frosty outside.

There is more scope for exploration in the Hanginshaw Level of Rampgill, going upstream should reach the the bottom of the Hydraulic Shaft providing it is not blocked, and there may be rises up into the deeper parts of Carr's Mine. Downstream there are also many rises to explore including Wallace's Workings along the Sun Vein.