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Smallcleugh to Rampgill via Prouds Sump and Visit to the Cross Vein (30/10/16)

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Wondering what to do today, Karli suggested we do a SRT trip - Prouds' to Rampgill, nothing too taxing but just to get back into the more technical aspect of things. This would also allow us to see the cleared (opened up by Nick Green and Peter Jackson) sump in Proud's Flat that now allows a straight abseil into Hangingshaw Level from the second pitch.

Quick kit up in the car park, then a walk up to Smallcleugh and into the mine brought us to Proud's Sump. We rigged it as a pull through with our own rope, even though there is a permanent rope installed. Once both down the first pitch, we went the short distance to the second one and rigged this up as a pull through as well. I abseiled first all the way down into Hangingshaw Level. Note that the in-situ rope does not go all the way down and is tied into Proud's Flat. Once both of us were down, the rope was pulled through again and we headed out to Whiskey Bottle Junction. A lot of clearing work had been done along the way and the water level was much lower compared to the last time we had passed through this area.

At Whiskey Bottle Junction we turned east and headed for the Rampgill Cross Vein to have a look at the south end and the connection the Ramgill Sun Vein and the workings past this. The connection down to the Sun Vein needs to have a set of hangers put in so that this little trip could be easily done as a pull through - a Sunday potter job for the future. After having a look around we headed out, yet again noticing the lower water levels on the way out. You can pretty much do this part now without getting your feet wet.