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Surface Shaft Hunt to Match Surveying, (01/10/06)

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From the survey notes obtained on our trip to the Bogg Shaft area we had hoped to try and align the rebelay shaft we had discovered as it also went up as well as down. Considering that the air in the area was very fresh and finding insects we were hoping that the shaft may be the source of the fresh air. In the morning we quickly mapped out the survey and superimposed it on to the OS map and mine plan. It did align very well and placed the shaft onto Readshaw's Rise on the Caplecleugh High Level.

Firstly we had a look for some of the shafts in the series that connect to the Middlecleugh Level near Perry's Dam. Managing to identify the one that Aubrey and John had been digging from underneath we got Karli to abseil it (the rest of us were too tired from yesterdays trip and anyway he likes to do this sort of thing being so young and fit...). Approximately 25m down he came to a choke with a few side passages that ended in run ins. It looked like the choke could be cleared, but for the moment this shaft was a no goer. Other ones along the Middlecleugh Second Sun Vein were either run in at the surface or flooded.

After the last shaft we went to look for the one which aligned with Readshaw's Rise. On locating it, we discovered that it was filled in. In a desperate attempt at finding a link we tried another which was shown to connect to the Caplecleugh High Level, no name to it other than the 'Old Shaft'. Throwing a pebble down we estimated it to be around 80m in depth with water at the bottom. At this point Aubrey, John and a few other COMRU members came along to see what we were up to. Karli rigged the shaft up and abseiled down, hitting the water at the 50m mark. The level was pretty much flooded with only a little air space. On the way down 2 other levels where seen. In hindsight Readshaw's Rise may well be only coincidence that it aligns with a surface shaft as it may just go to a stope, and likewise the rebelay shaft may only go up into a stope or level, not necessarily to the surface via Caplecleugh High.

It was all starting to look a bit disappointing with the way things where going, so in desperation Alistair and Pete went of looking for another shaft that was open. They found one which was in line with the Caplecleugh Vein and Horse Level. Karli was starting to moan now, that it was someone elses turn to drop a shaft, a few biscuits shut him up and he was away down the shaft. At the 50m mark it came to a choke. When eventually Karli came back up (a lot slower now) it turned out that there was a hole, which was draining water away in the corner so possibly it could be opened up.

All in all it was a disappointing exercise, getting excited about shafts and how they could open things up, only to find that they were filled in or choked half way down. However one thing we found out, Karli is like a SRTing duracell bunny and far better than sending a camera down as he can talk back, but only as long as you feed him food!