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Surface Shaft 2, (20/08/04)

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These are two walled shafts on the spoils just near Mill Cottage. The drop on them is 20m and they are above Rampgill Level and below Firestone Level and they both connect. There are some small workings, and a worked vein running approximately north east east. On one end of the vein there is a flooded sump. There does not seem to be any continuation along any of the passages - they are either blocked or dead ends. The air in this working did smell very musty as there was a large amount of wood rotting.

We worked out after a trip to the Mining Institute in Newcastle that the workings down the shaft are the east side of the Rampgill Sun Vein workings, above the Hangingshaw Branch Level of Rampgill. The connection west of the shaft is blocked, but with some digging, luck and hopefully no more collaspes you would be able to drop into Rampgill - Hangingshaw Branch Level and out to the portal.