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Bog Shaft, (20/05/07)

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We split up on Sunday, Karl and Pete went back down Middlecleugh to look at the backfilled passage which would give access to the west side of Middlecleugh North Vein. Whilst myself and Karli headed onto the fell to look for corresponding shafts to the said vein - we found them, but all were blocked.

With nothing else to do, we ended up going down Bog Shaft to see if anything had shifted at the choke. There has been lots of movement in the past year above Smallcleugh where Bog Shaft intersects it and with finding sheep skulls and plastic sheeting we where wondering if anything had moved from this end. On the way down I passed a level with branches on either side of me, and then further down 3m or so above the choke a bell chamber, from which the choke material had come. Nothing had changed, the choke was still present.

I least I had got to go down Bog Shaft from the surface. It looks like the material must have come from the dogleg in the shaft, but if there were skulls and plastic sheeting it cannot be that far from this top end choke, unless there is more than one? It would be useful to hear from anyone who knows about the size of the dogleg and whether Bog Shaft was ever open in the last 30 years or so.