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Scaleburn Firestone Level, Nenthead, Cumbria.

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Most explorers know of the Firestone Level whose entrance is just under the main road, this level follows the Rampgill Vein. There is another Firestone Level which is less known that follows the Scaleburn Vein. I only become aware of this level during the research for the Scaleburn Mine Plan.

The level follows the Scaleburn Vein almost upto Chester's Cross Cut on the Horse Level, and has 4 shafts which intersect it. There are also further shafts from the level which should connect with the Top Sill Level of the Scaleburn Vein.

First Exploration

A surface exploration finding the adit and the shafts along the Scaleburn Vein which connect to the level.

(Mike), 10th September 2005.

Clearing of the Adit

Clearing of the adit to see how far the level is open for.

(Mike and Peter), 9th November 2008.