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This page is only maintained for reference. The Retro XP i3 has now been replaced by the Retro XP i3 400lm.

Retro XP

First designed in 2005, this is the latest version of the original and still the most sophisticated LED caplamp replacement module for Oldham, CEAG and Speleo Technic caplamps, which will work will all caplamp combinations.

  • 3 Modes: 50, 160 and 325 Lumen (A standard Oldham bulb produces 48 Lumens)
  • Uses 2 x Cree XP-G-R5 LED's - one of the most efficient available
  • Option of optics: 11° spot, 13°, 30°, 40° deffuser
  • 11° spot / 30° deffuser is standard and gives good spot and flood
  • Works from 2 to 7.5 Volts Input
  • Overheating Protection and Reverse Battery Protection
  • Works with: 2, 3, 4, 5 cell NiMH / 3.7V Li-Ion / 2, 3, 4 cell Alkaline and 4, 6V SLA battery packs
  • Battery Type Selection for Low Battery Warning, covers all combinations
  • Will work fully on FX2 Battery Packs
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Remembers the Last Mode Setting
  • Addtional Backup LED in case of main LED failure
  • Professionally UK Designed and Manufactured with all components sourced in the UK

Using the latest LED and electronics technology, this LED retro fit provides 325 lumens of light output and gives new life to your existing caplamp. It will work with almost any battery combination and will provide light output when normal bulbs will not even light up.

Installation into a caplamp is straight forward and can be carried out in less than 10 minutes using a small flat blade screw driver, full instructions are provided, no soldering or permanent modifications are required.

The lifetime of the unit is well over 20,000 hours, so bulb changing becomes a thing of the past. Light output is from 50 to 325 lumens with even the lowest setting being bright enough to use underground. Mode changing is carried out by turning the cap switch on and off quickly. Audio feedback is provided for mode changing, low battery and for over heating.

There are 4 different optics to choose from, if you want a spot beam, then 2 x 11° spots can be fitted, if you want something like the older version (Retro2) the a 11° spot and 13° deffuser is a good combination that also gives some spill for yourt feet. However if you want a more bigger flood then a 11° spot and 40° deffuser is the one to go for. Still not sure? Then consider getting additional optics and you can try the different cominations out. Additonal optics are £2.00 when ordered with the RETRO XP, other wise £2.50.

The RETRO XP provides full performance with voltage inputs from 2.3 - 7.5V. It will also work with single cell NiCD / NiMH's / Alkaline batteries at reduced light output. If used directly with a standard Oldham 4V 16Ahr battery the run times for the RETRO XP are approximately: Mode 1 (50lm) - 147 Hours, Mode 2 (160lm) - 46 Hours and Mode 4 (325lm) - 21 Hours.

The RETRO XP is a proven unique LED light and the ORIGINAL retro fit, which combines the proven ruggedness of the traditional caplamp with the latest technology.