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Rampgill Firestone Level, Nenthead, Cumbria.

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The Firestone Level is part of the Rampgill Mine workings and runs parallel above the Rampgill Vein right up to the county border. A branch also follows the Rampgill Sun Vein, which then deviates heading for the Rampgill Second Sun Vein. It was started in 1830 to give better access to the higher horizon workings and to improve ventilation.

First Exploration

A quick look to see what is there.

(Ambrose, Charlie, Karli and Mike), 20th August 2004.

Pattinson Level and the Little Limestone

Exploring the sublevels below the horse level and making our way to the Little Limestone workings.

(Ian, Karli and Mike), 21st August 2011.

Explore of the Horse Level

A more in depth look following both branches of the horse level.

(Mike and Pete), 27th March 2011.

Way on from the Little Limestone Workings

Continuing our exploration from the Little Limestone Workings.

(Ian, Karli, Mike, Pete and Sal), 15th October 2011.

Sump Clearance

Clearance of a drafting sump on the Ramgill Vein with a hope of getting to the Pattinson Level.

(Ian, Karli, Mike and Sal), 23rd / 24th July 2011.