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Scaleburn Mine, The Horse Whimsey, (09/01/11)

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With Pete having decided to go home after his crash the other day, and suffering from the effects of a very late night in the Miners Arms, we ended up having a look at the horse gin in Scaleburn mine. Ian had never seen it and I have not had the oppertunity to photograph it with a better camera and lighting.

We made our way to the Rampgill portal and headed for the Scaleburn junction. I showed Ian the steps and part of the Top Sill Level, then it was back down. It was the first time we had seen the 'new' dig for access and it was a very good job. Heading along the horse level, we came to the tools and this time I noticed a number of candle stubs on the opposite wall. Finally we got the horse gin, took photos and had lunch there (it was a late start). I tested some new LED light's and we ended up discussing the merits of battery packs and lighting design - surely this could have been done more comfortably in the pub again?

On the way back out we had a look down the Rampgill Cross Vein, we feel that we must have got over 100m down until the fall, considering that it is in total only around 240m, I wonder how far you can get down it from the Rampgill side? - something we have never gone down. Then it was a few snaps of the calcite flows in the stopes along Scaleburn Vein and back out.