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Rampgill Vein Last Fall and Stopes - (22/06/08)

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Sundays seem to be turning into potter trips, and yet again this is what happened this time round. For a change we headed for Rampgill to look at the end of the road on the Rampgill Vein. This time round things started in reverse by making a bee line to the final fall, then it was a leisurely potter back taking in details and of course lots of photos.

On the way in, we yet again wondered at the work that NORPEX had put in in getting through all the falls, I suppose everyone does this. On reaching the final fall, our steps were retraced, looking at the finer details along the main level that are so often rushed past.

After having lunch we ended up climbing up a short rise, which took us into the High Flat workings on the Rampgill Vein. The left side ended in a fall, but you could get down a hopper into some stoping, which via a short rubble slope took you back down to the horse level. The right side proved to be much more interesting. Immediately we came across a selection of pipe fittings and tools, past this the level carried on with multiple hoppers going up. Eventually we reached the end to find a large pile of air hose couplings. On the way back we climbed up an hopper which took you higher up into the workings. One thing that did stand out in this locality is that past the Hardshin Vein junction the timber is in a very poor state due to dry rot. Not only on the timbers and masonary in the horse level, but in the workings above as well.

So much to see in this mine...