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Scaleburn Mine - Horse Gin Wheel, (17/01/04)

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This was a really good trip, as it coupled a bit of detective work into it. I had seen the Gin Wheel on another web site, and so we decided it would be good to try find it. The area that it is in lends itself to further exploration.

It is a bit tricky to find, you need to go along the Scaleburn Vein and up the steps, the rest I will leave for you to find - otherwise where would the fun be?

NOTE: The dug out sump (Reed's Sump) in the Top Sill's which is the bypass of the collapse on the horse level is only strong enough to keep the sump open. You should only descend and ascend the sump using a rope ladder and life line. DO NOT USE THE SUPPORTS AS A CLIMBING AID FOR FREE CLIMBING THE SUMP AS THEY ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH AND MAY CAUSE A COLLAPSE.