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Equipment Building (22&23/05/06).

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There only so much you can do with normal SRT, and there comes a point when you need some extra equipment if you want to progress your exploration further. Some of the biggest challenges are getting up rises and shafts that are not rigged, and also exploring multiple surface shafts without having to do SRT.

22/04/06 (Ambrose,Charlie and Mike): Charlie got hold of some free aluminium scaffolding, there is only one thing that you can do with it, and that is to build a maypole kit. We can now scale 10m high rises and ore shoots.

23/04/06 (Ambrose,Charlie, Mike and Will): Charlie started building a winch in May 2005, he managed to get the motor and gear box sorted and even welded up a frame, but then it got put on the back burner. Together with Ambrose I managed to pick up where he left off and we have got a working 24V winch. The motor that powers it is courtesy of Ambrose from the university skip!, it is made by Honda and is used in solar powered racing cars, very high torque and efficiency.