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Firestone Incline, Groverake Mine, (27/04/08).

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Having looked around the mine site, lunch was in order and the only place to have it was underground. So with that in mind we set off down the incline. Myself and Karli had been down before, but it was Pete's first time. We made our way down noticing the increased amount of falls since our last visit some years ago (they don't make them like they used to). To get to the very bottom where the water level is we had to pass quite a few large falls and a very precarious rock protruding from the roof just before the water line. The water level at the bottom seems to have dropped a bit and it looked like there was more air space.

Having taken some snaps we made our way up a little higher and had lunch in a little alcove on a rather comfortable bed of fine shale. After this, we carried on up the incline taking more photographs.