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Grassfield Mines, Nenthead, Cumbria.

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The Grassfield Mines consist of a number of levels that worked the following veins in the area: Grassfield Vein, Grassfield North Vein, Grassfield Sun Vein, Grassfield West Cross Vein, Black Ashgill Cross Vein and Green Gill Syke Cross Vein.

Robert Jobling and Alexander Whaley drove the main level, Grassfield Mine in 1803 below the Great Limestone with intention of trying the cross veins. Initially when they reached the Grassfield North Vein, this was found to be very poor and no further trial along it was made. Carrying on they cut the Grassfield Vein and this proved to be very rich. Further attempts at exploiting the Grassfield Vein towards the southwest became progressively poor.

Crook Bank Level was also driven by the same partnership as Grassfield Mine Level, to try the veins in the Four Fathom Limestone under the Quarry Hazel. The level cut the Grassfield North, Grassfield, and Grassfield Sun Veins. A considerable quantity of ore was gained. The level is some 630m to the Sun Vein.

The Croft Level, which is also know as the Magazine Level (due to its use as a explosives magazine) was driven on the south side of the Nent River, opposite Nentsberry Shaft. The level reached the Grassfield, Grassfield North, Black Ashgill Cross Veins, however little ore was found.

A number of trial levels also surround the Grassfield Mine complex, which tried the top of the Great Limestone and the Little Limestone as well as above and below the Firestone Sill, but they proved to be barren. One of the trial levels could have been worked for coal.

Crook Bank Level

Our first look into this level that worked the Four Fathom Limestone and Quarry Hazle.

(Ian, Karli, Mike, Pete and Sal), 11th March 2012.