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Golconda Mine, Brassington, Derbyshire.

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It is not clear when Golconda was first worked, there is a record of a mine manager stating that he saw a date in old workings from 1678 but this is impossible to prove. More reliable records indicate that it may have been in the middle decades of the 1700's. It is worth noting that Golconda is a synonym for any wealthy mine.

Originally the mine was worked for lead ore, but from the late 1800's it was also worked for barytes, which became the main mineral being mined. From the period of 1916 to when the mine closed in 1953, only 1% of output was lead ore. By 1953 the mine had reached a depth of 128m, with some 4.8km of passage.

Golconda Mine is accessed via an 110m shaft from the surface, which is located on the premises of Viaton Industries. The workings in the mine intersect a number of natural caves and passages, the most impressive being the Great Shack, shack being the name given by the old man to any open caverns found during mining. Access is controlled by the Wirksworth Mine Research Group, which hold winch meets on a regular basis.

A guided tour by Sally

A trip to see some of the most interesting features, with access provided by Worksworth Mine Research Group and their trusty winch.

(Arthur, Karli, Mike and Sally), 26th September 2010.