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Engine Vein Mine, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

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Engine Vein mine is probably the oldest mine around Alderley Edge. On the surface there are pits that were dug in the Bronze age and stone hammers have been found to confirm this. A hoard of Roman coins found in a shaft (now known as Pot Shaft) have been identified to date from the first century AD.

The workings that can be seen today are the result of mining operations that took place in the 1800's and are most probably the result of a group of miners from Stockport. At this time the mine was deepened and the Hough Level served as a drainage tunnel. The mineralised sandstone on the southern side of the vein was extensively mined by the Alderley Edge Mining Company between 1860 and 1877 and may have been mined again by other persons during 1911 and 1919.

During the 1860's the Hough Level was enlarged in size and Engine Vein was also connected to Brynlow, Wood Mine and a main entrance near the West Mine. Ore could now be taken in trucks along this level from Engine Vein direct to the treatment works. At these works, copper was leached out of the ore using acid.

First Trip

First trip for me and Hannah having a guided tour - thanks to James and Pete,

(Hannah, James, Mike and Pete - AKA Glasses), 12th March 2016.