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Deep Level, Red Dell Valley, Coniston.

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Deep Level also know as Bonsor Deep or Horse Level was driven in the 2nd quarter of the 19th century, by John Barratt to improve drainage and to allow for the tramming of ore straight to the Bonsor Mill and dressing floors from the Bonsor Vein. The level was at a later date extended to the Paddy End Mine and its workings on the other side of the valley. As the mining complex developed, this level became more and more important for the removal of ore to the surface. As well as providing a means of ore removal from the workings above, some 375m of workings below was also serviced.

A number of shafts intersect the Deep Level from the surface, Bonsor East, Old Engine, New Engine, and Thriddle. Due to falls on the level, the more remote areas that the Deep Level gave access to, can now only be reached by descending these surface shafts or via other levels which intersect them.

First Explore

Our first look into this wide ranging level,

(Mike and Pete), 3th April 2009.