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Caplecleugh High Level Survey - Continuation (25/11/07)

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After starting a survey of Caplecleugh High last month we went back down to try and finish it off. Walking along the concreted spill way again we concluded it was not much fun - last time it was broken up with stops and starts as we took measurements, this time round 12 minutes of stooping and duck walking worked the muscles that other trips could not reach.

At the junction we headed along the east branch, to survey what we missed off last time. After a 100m of so the sump was reached. Here we went through the rather low passage that headed south west. Not much traffic here, as probably the low crawls and large shale falls keep the sensible away. We crawled over collapses, back into small sections of arching, then over crawls... for some 50m. It wasn't much fun and we gave up, annoying, thinking about it now as we will no doubt have to go there again to finish it off - bahhh.

Returning to the junction we went as far as we got last time, the collapse chamber, only to find that another 15m or so was all we had to survey as the final collapse was reached. Here the unfinished remains of a dig was seen - so much for air flows up or down shafts. It looks like the air flow that we felt last time goes up into the stope above the arching on the dig, but a look around did not reveal anything.

We exited, and went for a walk up past the compressor house to look for the shaft on the surface which drops into the level, the way to get in avoiding the duck walking.