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Holman Test Mine.

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The Holman's Test Mine was opened in the 1880’s by the Holman Brothers engineering firm and was developed to showcase and test compressed air rock drills and other equipment for commercial mining use. Camborne School of Mines utilised the mine for teaching purposes from the 1920’s onwards and took over the mine completely after the closure of Holman’s Ltd, it was used for teaching until 2017. Since then the mine is now owned and maintained by a private company and is used as a specialist underground test facility.

Explosive Shock Measurement

The set up of equipment to measure the shock wave of explosives.

(Charlie, Mike), April 2004.

Electronic Detonator Firing

The first UK firing of electronic detonators in a mine.

(Charlie), May 2004.

Photography Visit

A photography visit with Hannah.

(Charlie, Hannah and Mike), 12th August 2018.