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Brownley Hill - Round Trip to Jug Vein (13/06/04).

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The first time we went down Brownely Hill was only for look see with no plan of the mine, having met up with Helen Wilkinson, she guided us on a round trip through the mine.

This was a hell of a trip through many 'hanging death' passages, not for the faint hearted. We entered through the Bloomberry Level, then along Wellgill Cross Vein, until we climbed a rise onto Brownley Hill North Middle Vein. After a short SRT up, we where on the High Level heading for the day shaft - this part of the mine was not that pleasant, as the level was driven through shale, the passages where very low due to collapses and most of it was a hands and knees job. Finally after what seemed like hours we reached Shorts Sump - an abseil down this landed us in Jug Vein from which, we proceeded along West High Cross Vein, eventually taking a right onto High Cross Vein. Then all the way along Brownley Hill Vein back onto Wellgill Cross Vein and thankfully out.

We saw many aritfacts, including our first clogs. Many thanks to Helen for giving us a crash course on Brownley Hill - though at first I thought you where trying to kill us!