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Bentyfield Low Level, Bentyfield Mines (26/07/14)

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The Bentyfield Low Level adit culvert was dug out in the Autumn of 2011. However there have never been any photographs available that showed any underground. With this in mind we went to have a look. Entering the adit, the level ahead looked low, but passing under the gate it soon opened up. The arching gave way to sand stone and then after 10m or so returned. We did not have far to go as about 100m from the entrance there was a fall. Coming up to the fall the arching started to pinch in a bit and then a burst from above and the side sealed the level. On the right hand side of the arching you can actually make out the continuation, but it is difficult to see how far the level has run. Water is still issuing out from under the fall and there seems to be no water coming out from higher up it, possibly indicating that it has not backed up that deeply.